Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Archiver's Trip

The time has come!

Look out Archiver’s. Here we come!

The Archiver's Field Trip is tomorrow! We hope that you are all still planning to join us on the adventure!

The plan is to meet at Scrapbooks and Etc at 8:15am. We will hit the road at 8:30. The drive will be approximately 2.5 to 3 hours there. Once we get there, we will grab some lunch prior to shopping so we can shop without those nagging hunger pangs!

We have the following on the “I’m coming list!” If your name isn’t listed, it’s not too late to join us. Please remind me that you are coming so we know how many drivers we need.

1. Wendy P
2. Amy P
3. Pam H
4. Dixie C
5. Traci B
6. Joanna C
7. Sandy F
8. Lisa M
9. Maureen M.

We look forward to seeing you Tomorrow morning (1/13/2011) at 8:15!

Traci & the SBE crew

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